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Ticking the "Manipulator" check box OFF in the Preferences > Interface menu does not get respected in subsequent Blender sessions
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System Information
Windows 10

Blender Version
Broken: 2.77a

When I tick OFF the "Manipulator" check box in the User Preferences > Interface menu and Save User Preferences, the manipulator will be on again when launching Blender the next time

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Open User Preferences
  2. In the Interface tab, untick the Manipulator check box, observe the manipulator get deactivated in the 3D view
  3. Click on Save User Settings
  4. Quit and restart Blender
  5. Observe that upon restarting, Blender has the manipulator active again in the 3D viewport
  6. Open User Preferences again, observe that the Manipulator checkbox is indeed ticked still unticked
  7. Tick and untick the check box to deactivate the manipulator again. The change will not carry over to the next session though

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Thanks for the report, but it's just a limitation of current user preferences system. Basically, each 3d viewport has own setting to control visibility of manipulator. When you're toggling "Manipulator" in user preferences it iterates over all existing viewports and updates manipulator setting there.

Now, when you save user preferences it only includes that option, it does not include state of existing viewports. This makes it so manipulator flag from default startup is stll used after re-opening blender and user preference is only used for newly opened 3d viewport editors.

In order to solve your particular case, also save the startup file.

Listing the limitation there:

Going through old UI ToDo tasks - Parts relating to this were reworked entirely during 2.8. After a quick test, what's reported here doesn't seem to be an issue anymore. So marking the ToDo item as done.