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Update: Dynamic Spacebar Menu (Context)
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This is the update for the Dynamic Spacebar Menu.

Originally the spacebar menu was designed as a bridge between 2.49 spacebar & 2.5x UI & to provide some quick common context sensitive menu's for new users in several 3d view modes. As Blender has evolved considerably since I originally co-designed & wrote the addon, I've updated it to be more current with today's Blender.

Name: Dynamic Context Menu
Menu Structure: Following the original design of context sensitive menu's, the menu structure has been refined & extended to include most 3dview menu's from This excludes toolshelf & properties panels tools for the most part. Multi user menu's with exceptions (buttons that don't work in a particular mode or object type) have been rewritten on a per object base. The new menu structure also includes my UI patch: but in no way relies on it.
Code: The code has been totally rewritten & re-organized, the layout is similar to & calls several menu's from this file. The code is in 3 basic sections: 1/ Context sensitive "Main Menu". 2/ Context Sensitive Sub Menu's. 3/ Operators. Whitespace & layout.separator have been majority removed from the code for cleaner reading.

The dynamic interface is fully context sensitive. Each object type Editor or Mode has a different menu based on which Object is selected.

New Features
*Set object Origin from Edit Mode to selected Vert/Edge/Face
*Manipulator menu in Transform
*Custom Snap Cursor menu's
*Most 3d view menu's included in one button press

For new users a single menu to give an overview of tools based on which object type they select & for experienced users in full screen mode a quick 1 button solution for context sensitive tools.




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Committed, with unfortunate follow up commit to fix bl_info.
Closing as resolved

I may have found an issue: You get an empty menu when nothing is selected (or active), which is the case if you delete the cube in the default scene.

I'm on 2.76, so this might be solved in 2.77, but I figured I'd report anyway since it's an easy to miss situation.

@michael knubben (michaelknubben)
Nice find, I have a fix for this coming shortly & a menu for starting with no objects in the scene.