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Home key when only one keyframe makes the DopeSheet acting weird.
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System Information
Linux, Ubuntu-Mate 14.04, nVidia GT620

Blender Version
Broken: 2.77 (from page)

Short description of error
When having only one keyframe in dopesheet, by pressing Home key, it makes a strange zoom. The keyframe diamonds dissapear. Like this:

To see again the diamonds, you have to middle click the mouse and move. Then, they appear at a very zoom-in.

If you move the mouse wheel after pressing Home key, the vertical lines and horizontal channels are gone and all the area is only gray. As you can see in this image:

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open the file.
Press Home key in DopeSheet area.
Click middle mouse button and move
Pres Home again.
Move the mouse wheel.

What I think it should do
When only one keyframe is there, the home key should zoom in to (maybe) 10 frames long. If there are 2 keyframes, the zoom area would be that 2 frames long.

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That’s an easy one, just set minimal range when zero one is generated from keys (as we already do in graph editor), fix incomming.

Coming this bug back to life... Blender 2.78a still doing something strange when pressing Home key with only one keyframe (in DopeSheet (*)). Now, the diamond doesn't dissapear, but it zooms extremely in to a very small range. Can't tell exacly, but I think you will see 0.001 frame in the screen. Nobody wants to see 0.001 frames there. Maybe 10, maybe 50, but not 0.001.

And then, mouse wheel doesn't work to zoom out. I think this is a bug. You have to press Ctrl-Mid and move left.

(*) in F-Curves, Home key zooms to show 3 frames at screen (I'd prefer to see 10 frames, but it's OK).