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Broken: (example: 2.69.7 4b206a{F307335}f, see splash screen)
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Hi, I'm new to blender and today I was doing some tests and I spend something that I did not find solution ...
What happens is that when you press the 0 to have the view of the camera and then press the F12 to get the picture , the image comes out of black color ... that's a mistake ? or I pressed something wrong ?
Thank you.
sorry for the English , I'm using google translator



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Did you add lights? Is there any ambient world lighting (that'll be under the Earth icon in the properties panel)? Which render engine; Cycles or Blender Internal? Graphics Card or CPU render, if in Cycles?

Try, under File, to click on "Load Factory Settings" as well.

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Bug reports need to be software errors we can reproduce.

This is more of a support question and most likely problem with the scene settings,
best ask questions like this at: