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Automatic ADD NODE After Link/Connect to Empty Space
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Currently, when making a link to an empty space does nothing.

If the link/connect ends on an empty space, automatically bring out Add Node. This can speed up a lot of thing and make the compositing, material creation etc. more convenient.

After choosing the desired node to be added, automatically creating a link between the two nodes like in Node Wranglers "Link Active to Selected" would be awesome addition

Many thanks for considering this easy to implement, extreme speed up to the workflow .

Cheers, Jozef

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Thanks for the suggestion, but the policy for this website is that we don't handle feature requests here. Design tasks are for when developers plan to work on the feature.

A better place to put this would be:

Jozef Zajac (zajooo) added a comment.EditedJun 5 2016, 3:30 PM

Dear Brecht,

I am sorry for posting it here. Thanks for pointing me to page dedicated to proposals. I moved the proposal over there

and any of my new proposal will be posted over there ;)

Cheers Jozef