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template_list doesn't refresh in popup
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System Information
Windows 10 Pro 64 bits
Intel Xeon X5680
Nvidia Quadro 4000

Short description of error
template_list doesn't refresh in popup:

  • text are not editable with double click
  • list area can't be resized
  • scroll does nothing until popup is invoked again

The same list works perfectly in the panel property and tool shelf.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Open the blend file and execute the script. Then try to edit texts, resize the list and scroll into it.

Revisions and Commits

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Grr, that was tricky (tm). rBfc96110bb is not a complete fix (there are some glitches remaining, double-click to rename doesn't work either), but it's a lot better now. Basically, uiLists were never designed/coded to work in popups. Strictly speaking this wasn't a bug even.

Note, to get uiList button interactions to work you have to use the 'check' callback for the operator now, which is really ugly and annoying, but to avoid that bigger changes are needed. You may want to do some better checking, but simply for testing this should work:

def check(self, context):
    return True

Thank you so much! It's a lot more usable now and I already use it! :)