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Collada export "use_blender_profile" not used or set when exporting armature
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"connect", "roll", "tip_x", "tip_y", "tip_z", not generated when exporting in Collada format (whatever the exported armature is).

In ArmatureExporter.cpp/$177, the code for exporting these values is here. But where to set or activate the "use_blender_profile" option ?



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Simply export in Collada format the object of the blend file.

The question from stack exchange is here with a link to the file : BSE link

Or directly here in Blend Exchange : Blend Exchange link

I don't know what to add more : a simple cube, a 2-bones armature and export in Collada format.
"connect", "roll", "tip_x", "tip_y", "tip_z" are absent from the file.

This appears to apply to any attempt to export to collada.

If we look in collada.h we can see that collada_export() takes 19 arguments, the first 2 being scene and filepath. The remaining 17 arguments can be found within uiCollada_exportSettings() located in io_collada.c which would appear to be the code that displays the export options panel in the file browser.

Of those 17 properties 16 are visible in the export option panel use_blender_profile being the missing one. I don't see any code that would conditionally hide that property. The property can even be found in rna_scene_api.c along with the other options.

Within ArmatureExporter::add_bone_node() located in ArmatureExporter.cpp at line 177 that missing property adjusts the export data in a way that adds data that @Lemon Acidjuice (lemonacidjuice) wants included in the export.

So the option exists, the code is there to use it but we can't turn it on/off and don't see why.

One hint may be the fact that in the python console, auto-complete does not show this property in the help text for bpy.ops.wm.collada_export() so it may be an error that prevents the property being visible to python.

Did you guys tried latest build from our buildbot? Afaics Use Blender Profile is there… @Gaia Clary (gaiaclary) shall know better too.

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I answered at stack exchange.
You only need to download a recent daily build.
Closing as invalid (since nothing needed to be fixed)