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Import Images As Planes - does not work, when scene gets complex
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It is not possible to use Add-On "Import Images As Planes" after a scene becomes slightly more complex than startup scene.
After selecting an image file and clicking "Import", plane object with image does not appear in Blender scene.

Import menu is also different. Here is comparsion:

Here is file for testing:

For me, this bug appears with any complex(not so) .blend file. This bug appeared many versions ago.

Blender 2.77a, Windows 10, Windows 7

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This has nothing to do with complexity of a scene… You are using an unknown (from import image addon PoV) reder engine (blend4web one it seems), so addon cannot define valid material/shader.

Will add a report about this error in addon code (instead of failing silently), besides that not much to be done.

Thanks for figuring out! That's what it is. I'll write about this on Blend4Web bug forum.