Pie menu breaks if spawned near window edge
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Pie menus are sort of "clamped" in that if they are spawned closer to the window edge than their spread radius (UserPreferencesView.pie_menu_radius), instead of spawning partly offscreen, instead they will spawn stuck to the edge and will automatically validate the menu item that's in that direction. To make it clearer, here is a capture.

This is a problem because pies can hardly be spawned in cramped workspaces - for instance inside a graph editor occupying the lower third of a standard 16:9 monitor, unless the radius is set super small.
This happens on Windows.



@Julian Eisel (Severin) Just a heads up, no pressure, wanting to know if this could possibly be looked into before 2.8 ? I know you guys are pretty busy.


I've got this on my radar though I admit it's not the highest priority for me. Can't really tell you when I'm going to investigate it but it should definitely happen before the 2.8 release ;)