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Vertex Connect
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System Information
Win 10, GTX 560 Ti

Blender Version
Broken: (2.78 9d70344)
Worked: (2.77 abf6f08)

Vertex Connect does not work when adding extra vertex on edge is needed.

Vertex Connect bug occur after usually short time of modeling (randomly). When Vertex Connect stops working I'm not able to connect vertices when edges are between and it is needed to create new vertices.

Deselect vertices and exit Edit Mode can sometimes help to work again only for few next attempts.

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Problem is that this bug is random but very often. In 2.78 RC1 and RC2 when the bug is activated I'm not able to connect the two selected vertices (with edge between vertices). When I open the file in 2.77 it is OK.

Exit "Edit Mode" and select, deselect vertices and model can activate or deactivate the bug randomly.

Weeelllll… cannot reproduce so far…

By 'vertex connect' you just mean creating edges between vertices (with F key), right?

No it is in menu: "Mesh -> Vertices -> Connect Vertices", this cut mesh like a knife.

F key makes only edge bridge between the two vertices.

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Ah ok… well, can confirm then :(

Good, thank you for assistance. This is great tool in Blender.