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More time for Render in 2.78 Vs 2.77 Os x
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Default scene. File created in Blender 2.78. Cycles Render.
More time at render at 2.78 versus 2.77
System: Os x
Osx Version: 10.10.5
3.4 Ghz Intel Core i5
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 780M 4096 MB

The test also have done with a complex scene (many objects, but with low amount of polygons), and the result is the same. More time at render in 2.78 Vs 2.77

attached captures



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Thanks for the report, but we don't consider this a bug.

Sometimes adding a feature means add a small slowdown, sometimes there's an optimization which helps a lot in some cases and makes other cases a little slower.

The differences reported here are within the expected margin.