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Non-subscribers added to a project get admin rights
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If a user shares their project with a non-subscriber, that non-subscriber also gets admin rights. See this email:

Re: Fwd: Bcloud projects question
From:	Nelson Gonçalves <>
To:	"Dr. Sybren A. Stüvel" <>
Date:	Yesterday 22:18

Hi again,

The project is this one:

Pedro Araujo (pholdrep) is not an active/pay subscriber, he has a free 
account, created to store blender settings. I'm sharing my project with 
him and he was able to upload files to this project.

All the best,


We might want to at least prevent people from uploading new stuff to a project when they're not subscribers. However, such a change may have quite an impact on the permission system.
Also see T49561



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