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Keyframing parented objects misbehaves
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System Information
Win 10

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78
Worked: 2.77, i believe (tested with 2.76)

Short description of error
inserting keyframes on objects which are parented to an animated object gives strange animation results
Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
based on

, go to frame 20 (or so), and insert locrot to cube.001. Then change the current frame to trigger the evaluation
The child jumps to an undefined position / rotation

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Found a detail: seems only to happen when 'visual keying' is on in user prefs.

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That’s expected behavior, 'visual keyframing' sets keyframes of object in world space, not in his local space (such that you can later remove parent relationship, and still get object transformed as if it was parented e.g.).

If you want to keep parent transformation, then use usual keyframing.