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Normal Map node is not working correctly
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Ubuntu 14.04 64x
nVidia GT620

Broken: 2.78
Working: none ("Normal Map" node is a new feature)

"Normal Map" node should apply a normal texture map to an object the same way as it is done by texture stack (no nodes), but it doesn't.

  • Open the file.
  • Look at both ships.
  • The one of the left ("with_nodes") has nodes material, using a texture called "normal", with Normal Map node connected to Normal input of the material.
  • The one of the right ("no_nodes") has a Normal Map applied in Textures stack, as is had to be done before.
  • See the difference.
  • In object "with_nodes", try clicking the other Output, it makes the ship "with_nodes" to have the same material as "no_nodes". You can see the difference in the same object.

The difference is more or less notorious depends on light(s) positions. In layer 11, there's only one Point light to test.



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Mario Mey (mariomey) updated the task description. (Show Details)

Despite I know that this node cames from Cycles, this report is about the incorporation of it in BI and ViewPort.

Brecht Van Lommel (brecht) claimed this task.

This is not a bug though confusing. For node setups, you must manually set the color space of the image to Non-Color in the image editor. The texture stack does this conversion automatically, but for arbitrary node setups we currently have no way of doing that.

Just as it is. Thanks.

One more thing: if I use new depsgraph (I use it for a need and for testing it), the change of the color space is not applied immediately (I have to click in the another Output node and then back)... I found a lot of this kind of new-depsgraph bugs. Should I report as a bug... or they are already working on this non-auto-refreshness?

I think such issues with the new depsgraph can be reported as a bug. They might only get looked into for Blender 2.8, I'm not sure, but definitely useful to know about them.

@Brecht Van Lommel (brecht), someone made a "Bump_to_normal" node setup, to convert a bump map in normal map, with some nodes. This setup works to make normal texture, but not for using it as normal map. Why? Because the color space isn't set up. It works as a NormalMap texture with sRGB (bad).

Is there any way to change the color space of an image built by nodes? By changing the Bump Texture to Non-Color doesn't do anything in the final composition.

Here is the example:

  • Open the file, look at the node setups.
  • The above is using a Normal Map (like the first one of this report)
  • The below is trying to use Bump_to_normal.
  • Click on Outputs to see the difference.

Sorry if this comment is just a question... but it is related to this bug.

If the images input into the shader network are linear, and you manipulate those values and link the result directly into a Normal Map node, then I'm not sure how you can end up with sRGB values unless the shader network is explicitly doing that conversion.

The shader network in this .blend file contains a Gamma node, which seems wrong to me.

Well, maybe add a description for the node explaining this.

It's documented in the manual.