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Allow syncing edits between DopeSheet views
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I'm making an animated sketch for a short movie using Grease Pencil. I sometimes also animate opacity of some Grease Pencil layers.

The problem is when I need to shuffle some scenes around (cut one chunk of the animation and move it elsewhere) I need to do this twice, becasue if I move my GPencil keyframes, the rest will stay in old places, breaking the animation, so I'd need to switch to another DopeSheet view and pprecisely redo my selecting and moving to keep the animation consistent.

Can't this be done with one move instead of two?

It seems I cannot view both GPencil and the rest of keyframes that make up my animation:

I found there's a way to sync time between all the Dope Sheets and the Timeline (it's called "Lock time to Other Windows"). Could it be possible to also sync edits?

I imagine this would work like this:

  1. You select some keyframes in one Dope Sheet view, and some other in another Dope Sheet View.
  2. You enable "Sync editing" between then
  3. You press "G" and move the keyframes in one DopeSheet view, and the selected keyframes in another synced view follow along like if it all was in one window.

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Thanks for the suggestion, but we do not accept feature requests or suggestions on this tracker (use forums or bf-funboard ML for that).
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