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Selection backface vertices at retopology
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System Information
Windows 10, GForce 550ti

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78 4a68ff1
Worked: (optional)

Short description of error

When i make retopology, i can select vertices, hidden behind the original object. This make my task very complicated. In my opinion it should not be. At least it happens in other programs. Also Backface Culling option is to hide not only faces, but vertices and edges. Please make it work.



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Please always provide a .blend file and precise steps for us to reproduce the issue when creating bug reports, without those we can't help much. Anyway I guess what you need is the "Limit to visible" option, see image here. Closing the task, if the option is not working we can reopen it.

Thank you for your reply. The limit for visible - is quite different. He hides out of sight, and the interaction continues. Besides, in the x-ray to visible limit mode does not work well. It does not account for overlapping other objects.
I attach video

Ah, well this is something quite different. It's however more of a limitation of how we currently handle selection of polygons, something that can be improved in the new viewport for 2.8.

It is sorely missed. Thank you for your help.

I made an add-on that hides the backfacing geometry in edit mode to address this issue. You can download it and find more info about it here :