Units Feet and Inches
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Blender 2.78a x64, windows 7 pro, x64, gtx760

  1. Open Blender go to scene tab in properties panel select feet from units preset tab.
  1. Click default cube go to edit mode.
  1. on the (n) panel under mesh display check the length check box to enable.
  1. Move a vert 1 in the Z direction notice the length, it shows 2.305 ft not 3ft.

Do that same with inches and you will see that it is not correct as well.



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@Aaron Smithey (asmithey), please do not assign reports to yourself unless you want to fix the issue :)

The reason of the issue here is that "feet" preset will use scene scale set to 0.3048. When you type 1 during transform it gets scaled by the scene scale. IMO, the whole unit system and unit presets is to be reconsidered.

I can confirm this. It seems blender does not take into account Unit Scale in some transform ops.

Of note, when I type Z and 1 it doesn't work.
Snapping a vertex up 1 unit with mouse works.
When I type Z then "=" and type "1ft" it works.

version: 2.78 (sub 1), branch: master, commit date: 2016-11-07 13:47, hash: e74e622, type: Debug
build date: 2016-11-07, 10:25:21
platform: Linux

It just seems like unit scale should always be 1, for any unit of measure, and any unit conversion should just be behind the scenes so to speak. So when I am in inches, typing 1 would move and element 1 inch. When in feet, typing 1 should move an element 1 foot.

Thanks for the confirmation.

Maybe someday the USA will convert to metrics but until then, all my client here use Imperial units. I am glad Blender offers imperial units.


Whole unit system may need a rework, but this is a plain stupid bug, still not sure exactly what’s wrong, but the 'typing value' handles unit stuff badly here (like applying twice the unit conversion factor or something).

Will check.

I found that if you have your scene set to inches, tap E,X,1 it extrudes on X axis by a fraction of an inch.

Instead, if you have your units set to inches and just under that, set Length to metric. Now you tap E,X,1 and it will extrude by the correct amount and display 2.54cm.

Set the Length back to imperial to verify that it indeed extruded by an inch.

I don't think there is anything wrong with the unit system, just the way it is being displayed/handled.

Also getting good readouts from choosing Meters as the unit preset and Length set to imperial, Unit Scale 1 for feet and 0.0833 for inches.