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Texture tab (Properties panel) dropdown list shows erratic behavior
Closed, ResolvedPublic


Windows 7, Blender 2.78a

When you have a lot of textures on one object, the dropdown list bugs out, showing the headers below its child items and the scrollwheel direction is reversed.

Steps to reproduce:

  • Startup scene, select cycles renderer, select the default cube, go to materials and set to "use nodes"
  • Go to node editor, add a texture (for example checker texture, doesn't need to be connected to anything)
  • In the properties panel, click the textures tab and verify everything is in place.
  • Duplicate the texture 20 times
  • The texture dropdown menu shows the described behavior

The behavior may depend on where the properties panel actually is and/or what the window position is. This was tested using the default layout.
It seems to me this is a quite obvious bug, if it has been reported already I am sorry for the inconvenience.