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"Install Addon from File" Fail on Windows if zip file has "." in name
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Pretty straightforward. If a zip file has a "." in it, we get an error when using "Install addon from file" in the Addon Preferences. Only on windows, works fine on OSX or linux.



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Error is <!> event has invalid window.

Is it possible it's doing a path split at "."?

hi, whilst I can confirm that the '.' or period symbol, full stop, is not supported in file names when installed in Blender on win, ( it fails ) thus returning an error, it's also bad practice for coders & computer users.
Checking your file origin, there's no period in the name, the d/l zip is called: PRMan-for-Blender-master the included folder is called: PRMan-for-Blender-master this works & installs
As it's a real issue. I'll leave this open, noting your the author of the addon, you can just not use the period in your files, most of us by habit use underscore for versioning when we need to.
@Bastien Montagne (mont29) is this valid bug or expected behavior?

<!> event has invalid window is usually related to specifics involving a floating window in Blender with whatever editor (doesn't have to be User Preferences), and has nothing to do with the add-on not registering. The code is in wm_window.c

This has already been reported, and answer is quite simple: no bug here, dots are forbidden in addons' names.

Python uses . in the syntax of its module names, so that char is not allowed in module names. Since addons are mere python modules, dots are not allowed in their names. Afaict, here on linux extraction of the archive works OK, but addon is not visible in userpref either.

Ok sorry for the duplicate, I couldn't find another report of this. The one thing I will say is that releases from github that have a version tag on them will automatically get a "." in them, which is why this came up. I changed the release to delimit with _ in the tag.