Wrong rounding when moving frames
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When moving frames in the Dope Sheet or Action Editor, the rounding in the info line below the editor is wrong. See the attached screenshot.

to recreate:

  • insert a keyframe at frame 0 (or any other frame)
  • grab the frame and move it (G) in Dope Sheet or Action Editor
  • observe the info line below the editor:

It says something like DeltaX: 1.00 (1.9876).
by this time the actual frame has been moved by 2 frames already.
The first number in the info line should say 2.00 with proper rounding. At least it should be consistent with the movement of the actual frame.

Blender 2.78 (official 4bb1e22 and daily build 05b181f) on Windows 10.


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D2408: Fix T50148
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I can confirm this. The delta values in the header don't properly handle snapping, both in the dope sheet and in the graph editor as well.