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Simulate panorama cameras in the OpenGL preview
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I wonder if it'd be possible to better approximate the Panoramic cameras (Fisheye) in the OpenGL preview.

Right now the only way to preview the fisheye effect of a camera is to use the "Rendered" viewport display, which is usually much slower than the OpenGL preview, also tehre's no control elements so interacting with the scene is very difficult.

The Blender Game Engine seems to be able to render curved camera images in realtime - could the same thing be used for viewport / OpenGL render and Sequencer preview?

Using panoramic cameras would become much easier!



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Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina) closed this task as Invalid.

Like it was already said in T50220, thanks for the suggestion, but we do not accept feature requests or suggestions on this tracker.

Please read the Requesting Features Wiki entry about the proper venues for ideas and suggestions: