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Blender 2.79 Addons Updates
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This task will cover updates to Addons For Blender 2.79 I will use this task as a reference point for commits & needed changes to addons.
Whilst mostly limited to bug fixing & api changes, some context sensitive panel issues with the toolshelf addons & general code clean will apply.

New addons 2.79: Guidelines:

  • will be limited to 8. *note this was unrealistic to give reasonable representation across editor type:
  • Will be limited to 12 new addons based on user contributions & active dev.
  • given this release marks the end of the 2.7 series, I think it's appropriate to include a very select list of addons that have proven time & time again to be of value to Blender users.
  • The selection process for new addons will be Addons Dev Peer Orientated & By Public notice on BA Python Released Scripts section, from which many of the addons we have in Blender have evolved & been maintained by many individuals, over many years.
  • Note:
  • Some code from addons in our contrib is widely used in external addons, this will be taken into account.
  • Some Addons in the tracker have been sitting there for years & are widely used by Blender users.
  • This will also be taken into account, leaving limited places indeed.

Addons Updates/Fixes For 2.79

  • Generally the aim will be to improve context sensitive panels in Addons, bug fixing & code clean up to provide a solid, stable addons release.

**Tasks: (may change when identified)

  • is ready to land, I will commit on authors & original authors behalf soon.
  • Rigify: The panel Rigify Dev tools needs context fixes so it's only viewed in the correct contexts.
  • Archimesh: The Panel is active in edit mode yet returns not available in edit mode. bl_context = "object mode" in the panel class fixes this. (done rBAfcf1957db4051c20d7c3ba7635851e402b70bde1 )
  • ^^ As quick examples. *Developers only, feel free to add to these tasks

Note: in Blender 2.79 addons that use panels must be integrated into existing tabs & not use their own tab unless none can be found to suit. Context sensitivity for panels is a must, panels are not allowed to show up empty & out of context.

Let's leave a stable & as bug free Blender 2.79 release addons as we can & look towards the future, it's only a millisecond away.

New Presets
ANT Landscape presets by @Jimmy Hazevoet (jimmyhaze)

New Addons

Mesh Edit Tools:
Update committed to addons_contrib
Authors: meta-androcto, Hidesato Ikeya, zmj100, luxuy_BlenderCN, TrumanBlending, PKHG,
Oscurart, Stanislav Blinov, komi3D, BlenderLab, Paul Marshall (brikbot),
metalliandy, macouno, CoDEmanX, dustractor, Liero, lijenstina, zeffii
Maintainer: meta-androcto, lijenstina

Display Tools:
Initial version committed to addons_contrib
Authors: Jordi Vall-llovera Medina, Jhon Wallace, Jasperge, Pixaal, Meta-androcto
Maintainer: meta-androcto, lijenstina

Brush Menus:
Initial version committed to addons_contrib
Authors: Ryan Inch (Imaginer),, meta-androcto
Maintainer: meta-androcto, Ryan Inch (Imaginer),

Stable from addons contrib
Authors: liero, crazycourier, Atom, Meta-Androcto, MacKracken
Maintainer: meta-androcto, crazycourier

Stable from author @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov)
Maintainer: Antoniov

Turnaround Camera:
Stable from author @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov)
Maintainer: Antoniov

Auto Mirror:
Stable from author @Lapineige
Maintainer: @Lapineige

Camera Rigs:
Stable from authors Wayne Dixon, Kris Wittig
Maintainer: Wayne Dixon, Kris Wittig

To note: I think that that priority should be given to developers that have had a long term involve & will maintain their addon into the future.
Large consideration should also be given to long standing addons from addons contrib to mark the end of this series.




Related Objects

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rBA85b44a34f7c0: mesh_tissue: close panels by default T50357
rBAa370618c8a57: turnaround_camera: fix bl_location T50357
rBAc56d4a88cc2e: measureit: only first panel open by default T50357
rBA8eb4eb150f4c: ui_layermanager, 1st panel open by default T50357
rBA8b7a78110f4a: Initial Commit materials library: T51230 T50357
rBAc3d07f3b6a7c: snap utils, default tab name: T50357
rBA708530095d64: Oscurart Tools, default Tab name: T50357
T51109: Kinoraw tools 2.79 release Cleanup
rBA3fe42bb946bd: animated render bake: T50357
rBAc8d14dda3797: add chain, remove, merged advanced objects T51110 T50357
rBAC586191cfdfe3: Move to release: auto tracker by frivus T50546 T50357
rBA1e864328e361: Initial Commit auto tracker by frivus T50546 T50357
rBAC24b8168a20e3: move Render clay to release: T51229 T50357
rBA2def7cb534c9: Initial Commit Render Clay: T51229 T50357
rBAC888c368fc4bb: move stored views to release: T51228 T50357
rBA6e967f1ac243: Initial Commit Stored Views: T51228 T50357
rBACe9aace6a43df: move Kinoraw tools to release: T51109 T50357
rBAe9f96e1d93a5: Initial commit kinoraw_tools by Carlos Padial T51109 T50357
rBACfc96993a2392: move export paper model to release: T51199 T50357
rBA725dbe4d410d: Initial commit Export Paper Model by emu: T51199 T50357
rBAC0288e57de307: move advanced objects to release addons: T50357 T51110
rBAbd42467c77f4: Initial commit add advanced objects: T51110 T50357
rBA3f0494c33432: commit to addons release: T51103
T50726: Add-ons Blender 2.79 - more generic Panel rename code
rBAC648520881902: Edit Tools 2: Massive update - Initial stage
rBAdf36a4195487: print3d utils:restrict tab/panel context edit/object modes T50357
rBA4b77fe5bee80: edit linked: restrict panel context objectmode T50357
rBAf20cd1211e18: psk i/o: restrict panel to object mode T50357
rBAe264efb7e842: Mocap Tools: context sensitive panels (armature selected) T50357
rBA5c424d532f37: spacebar menu: expose object & pose constraints: update addons project T50357
rBA8d27d00742c0: rigify fix panel context T50357 thanks angavrilov
rBAfef70fae0ded: Oscurart Tools, change Tab name to Custom T50357
rBAe04667744f61: .psk i/o, change Tab name to File I/O T50357
rBA8a60f0549620: Sketchfab, change Tab name to File I/O T50357
rBA2ab7a6b1b011: Measureit, change Tab name to Display T50357
rBAd3b7aaea275b: 3D Nav, change Tab name to Display T50357
rBA559d29dff9c5: add to T50357: moved console var panel from Tool shelf to scene properties
rBA56f9bbdb5e1f: bool tools, panel default to "Tools" tab. T50357
Mentioned Here
T51067: Camera Rigs Addon (contrib): Promote 2.79 release
T50941: Auto Mirror addon: promote 2.79 addons release
T51066: Turn Around Camera
T51036: Skinify rig add-on Promote 2.79 release
rBAfcf1957db405: fix archimesh panels, default to "Create Tab", quick context object mode only

Event Timeline

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) raised the priority of this task from Confirmed, Medium to Confirmed, High.Jan 3 2017, 11:53 AM

raising priority to group/nest related High 2.79 priority

hi, just an update here:
There's only a few more addons that can go into 2.79 release, I need to move on & start release notes page very soon.
The list has been compiled based on user feedback here:
The Final Addons to be added this release are as follows:

The new Camera menu function (Can be extended by addons) gives these addons a nice home:
1/ Turnaround Camera by antonioya
From addons contrib:
2/ Camera Rigs by Wayne Dixon, Kris Wittig
From Addons Contrib:

New addon tried many times before. skins an armature with a mesh,
3/ Skinify by karab44
Task: T51036

VSE addon: under represented in addons release (currently none):
4/ Kinoraw tools by @carlos padial (carlospadial)
I was looking these two addons from addons contrib:
I noticed there was external development here:
I have contacted @carlos padial (carlospadial) and we will try to review and work together quickly if this is to succeed.

5/ Auto mirror by @Lapineige
From Addons Contrib:

6/ Advance Objects
This addon adds itself to the Add menu & Create Tab.
Currently I'm writing this addon & testing features, the base concept here is artistic tools & advanced objects:
It will draw upon addons contrib & external addons that are based on artistic merit.

7/ Curve tools from addons contrib, i have this up to date with several very useful functions, I do need to remove a bad error in 1 function but this addon is well used & respected, being rebuilt several times by different authors simply to keep the needed functionality alive.

That would be it.


hi., still revisiting this,
Current code will be committed this week before bcon3 is announced & none after unless some main devs like to put in their own.
Keep in mind, 2.79 is a significant release, 2.8 will break & change many addons, the 2.79 addons release reflects this by representing addons developers who are active & have been active for some time & also reflecting upon user feedback.

final quick list:

magic uv,
kinoraw tools (vse),
s-leger/miikap auto track,
merge node arrange into node wrangler,
my advanced objects addon

hi, quick final list 1
Export Paper Model from Contrib:
Advanced objects from Contrib:
Kinoraw Tools from Contrib:
Refine motion tracking by @stephen leger (stephen_leger)
Auto Tracker by @Miika Puustinen (miikap) (frivus)

From Addons Contrib:
Stored Views: very useful animation & camera tool
Render clay: Simple clay render
matlibvx light: materials lib system with small default library
curve tools: possibly if I feel it's working well & up to scratch errorwise

After which, core developers are welcome to add their own addons they feel are beneficial for this release.

What's left in the tracker & contrib will be filtered/closed/removed based on usability & then merged into final addons_contrib release.
Addons contrib will have both it's snapshot link & a custom zipped pack (with all the folder addons in zips) for easy folder/auto installs linked into the 2.79 addons release notes page.


Hey Brendon,

the latest version of Autotracker Addon is 0.0.9. on Github. Can we update to that version before the 2.79 release? Also the UI feels unfinished IMO. If you are interested, I already sent a pull request to fix that, but unfortunately the author does not respond since 6 weeks.


Hi Christian,
Sorry I didn't notice the pull request. I did merge it now. Brendon could you update it to the latest? Also could you remove Matti Kaihola from mainteners for Autotracker (blender wiki).


@miikap after talk with you in irc, committed latest version.

closing as resolved
task has served it's purpose