Blender 2.79 Addons Updates
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This task will cover updates to Addons For Blender 2.79 I will use this task as a reference point for commits & needed changes to addons.
Whilst mostly limited to bug fixing & api changes, some context sensitive panel issues with the toolshelf addons & general code clean will apply.

New addons 2.79: Guidelines:

  • will be limited to 8.
  • given this release marks the end of the 2.7 series, I think it's appropriate to include a very select list of addons that have proven time & time again to be of value to Blender users.
  • The selection process for new addons will be Addons Dev Peer Orientated & By Public notice on BA Python Released Scripts section, from which many of the addons we have in Blender have evolved & been maintained by many individuals, over many years.
  • Note:
  • Some code from addons in our contrib is widely used in external addons, this will be taken into account.
  • Some Addons in the tracker have been sitting there for years & are widely used by Blender users.
  • This will also be taken into account, leaving limited places indeed.

Addons Updates/Fixes For 2.79

  • Generally the aim will be to improve context sensitive panels in Addons, bug fixing & code clean up to provide a solid, stable addons release.

**Tasks: (may change when identified)

  • is ready to land, I will commit on authors & original authors behalf soon.
  • Rigify: The panel Rigify Dev tools needs context fixes so it's only viewed in the correct contexts.
  • Archimesh: The Panel is active in edit mode yet returns not available in edit mode. bl_context = "object mode" in the panel class fixes this. (done rBAfcf1957db4051c20d7c3ba7635851e402b70bde1 )
  • ^^ As quick examples. *Developers only, feel free to add to these tasks

Note: in Blender 2.79 addons that use panels must be integrated into existing tabs & not use their own tab unless none can be found to suit. Context sensitivity for panels is a must, panels are not allowed to show up empty & out of context.

Let's leave a stable & as bug free Blender 2.79 release addons as we can & look towards the future, it's only a millisecond away.

New Addons

Mesh Edit Tools:
Update committed to addons_contrib
Authors: meta-androcto, Hidesato Ikeya, zmj100, luxuy_BlenderCN, TrumanBlending, PKHG,
Oscurart, Stanislav Blinov, komi3D, BlenderLab, Paul Marshall (brikbot),
metalliandy, macouno, CoDEmanX, dustractor, Liero, lijenstina, zeffii
Maintainer: meta-androcto, lijenstina

Display Tools:
Initial version committed to addons_contrib
Authors: Jordi Vall-llovera Medina, Jhon Wallace, Jasperge, Pixaal, Meta-androcto
Maintainer: meta-androcto, lijenstina

Brush Menus:
Initial version committed to addons_contrib
Authors: Ryan Inch (Imaginer),, meta-androcto
Maintainer: meta-androcto, Ryan Inch (Imaginer),

Stable from addons contrib
Authors: @Philip Cote (cotejrp1)
Maintainer: meta-androcto, cotejrp1

Stable from author @Antonio Vazquez (antoniov)
Maintainer: Antoniov

To note: I think that that priority should be given to developers that have had a long term involve & will maintain their addon into the future.
Large consideration should also be given to long standing addons from addons contrib to mark the end of this series.



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raising priority to group/nest related High 2.79 priority

hi, just an update here:
There's only a few more addons that can go into 2.79 release, I need to move on & start release notes page very soon.
The list has been compiled based on user feedback here:
The Final Addons to be added this release are as follows:

The new Camera menu function (Can be extended by addons) gives these addons a nice home:
1/ Turnaround Camera by antonioya
From addons contrib:
2/ Camera Rigs by Wayne Dixon, Kris Wittig
From Addons Contrib:

New addon tried many times before. skins an armature with a mesh,
3/ Skinify by karab44
Task: T51036

VSE addon: under represented in addons release (currently none):
4/ Kinoraw tools by @carlos padial (carlospadial)
I was looking these two addons from addons contrib:
I noticed there was external development here:
I have contacted @carlos padial (carlospadial) and we will try to review and work together quickly if this is to succeed.

5/ Auto mirror by @Lapineige
From Addons Contrib:

6/ Advance Objects
This addon adds itself to the Add menu & Create Tab.
Currently I'm writing this addon & testing features, the base concept here is artistic tools & advanced objects:
It will draw upon addons contrib & external addons that are based on artistic merit.

7/ Curve tools from addons contrib, i have this up to date with several very useful functions, I do need to remove a bad error in 1 function but this addon is well used & respected, being rebuilt several times by different authors simply to keep the needed functionality alive.

That would be it.