OpenCL Error Blender Cycle All version . How to check error?
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System Information
Operating system and graphics card

Laptop MSI GX70 3BE
Windows 8.1 Enterprise
VGA : AMD Radeon HD 8970M**

Blender Version
All version to have render by OpenCL

Short description of error
I can't render Cycle blender with GPU openCL .
Blender 2.6x-2.77x it error to close program and Blender 2.78x it show error messege "Error OpenCL" .
But i use cpu render is normal.
How to fix error?

Thank you.



Which drivers you have installed ? Try latest 16.12.2

Thank you. Now. I can used openCL. I removed AMD catalyst 9.xx.x old version software driver and install version 15.xx.x it's worked. But i use version 16.12.2 it's not work. Thank you for suggestion.

Sounds like a driver issue which is out of our control. Closing. AFAIK new driver are going to be coming which will fix some issues.