Inconsistent text alignment for operator buttons
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To put it simple, current state is:

Toolbar operator butons:

  • align left, if they have no icon -align to center, if they have icon

All other areas:

  • align to center, no metter if they have or haven't icon.
  • if icon is present, the alignment is offset to right from the buttons that don't have icons. If these are above/below, things get out of alignment

rest of the UI aligns everything to left in most cases.

possible solution 1 :
Align to left
if an icon is present in a column of buttons under each other, offset by icon width, also for buttons which don't have an icon.

this is consistent with menu drawing in 2.78, where icons aren't everywhere too.

possible solution 2
align left
drop icons for operator buttons completely. It is a question if these are actually of any use except for add primitive panel, where they are used a lot. Icons in operator buttons are actually so rare they often look like a mistake, or taking an operator out of context.



This task is mainly about why buttons in toolbars may align text differently than buttons anywhere else in Blender. I don't see why this should be the case. Also reported in T41592.

There is an explicit check for toolbars in code to align text in operator buttons to the left if they don't have an icon. Added in rBc6dbbde16bdc. @Joshua Leung (aligorith), do you remember the reason for this?

Changing this would be a minor task, but would prefer to have approval from others first - also from the rest of the UI team.

(Note that I approved this design task.)

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