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This is the design for the homepage of that I am working on. Currently, I am just posting images because a new repository will have to be created for it.

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It is a good start, the top bar should be universal though. We should also add a "documentation" to the top bar to give more traffic to this page.

Good, but page already contains more than enough information to understand where you are and what to do. Propose to remove useless words & phrases

Blender 3D Documentation or just Blender Documentation


Remove "View the Blender Manual, API Docs, and BAM Docs"

Why is the View Button in the blender manual box have black text instead of white?

That is the way it is set up in the Blender Web Assets so that would be a question for @Francesco Siddi (fsiddi) and @venomgfx.

This is a great idea, so we can find the docs changing from a simple url to another, (linking API to docs !) and the internationalization possibilities will help a lot !

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