Task log viewing
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  • pagination for log viewing
  • downloading entire log as text


To Do

Implemented paginated viewing endpoint at /flamenco/{project-url}/tasks/{task-id}/log in commit e810b35128e25e970818decb21bcea9e6def20f1.

Implemented entire log download at /flamenco/{project-url}/tasks/{task-id}/download-log in commit 6cfc78ad74537571b914946e6e48f2f2dd3e6eb4

There is a usability issue in 29fe7b68, with the colours of the first/prev/next/last buttons. The colour for "current item" is blue, which is generally used for links (but it's not a link), whereas the colour for active links is black, which is generally used for current items. Can you swap those two?

And another issue: there is no "loading" indicator when loading another page. Currently it takes ages for the log pages to load, so it's important that people know it's loading (instead of doing another request, making things even slower).

Pablo Vazquez (venomgfx) closed this task as Resolved.May 17 2017, 2:44 PM