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File missing when open for render
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File missing when open for render. Im making an interior scene and i made all the parts separate file (sofa, tv, chairs, etc) and i have taken a new file and link all the objects. Half work i have done in the laptop and reaming half work done in desktop means 2 different computers use for 1 project and different links to object given. When i render i got pink background then i gone to File > External Data > Find missing file and got the file. Then i started developing my scene again and finish my work. After closing and reopening the file always i have to follow File > External Data > Find missing file. After finish the project i thought to render in sheep it. I save the file going to File > External Data > Automatically pack Into.blend is check on. I have done file > External Data > pack all into blend. When uploading the file in sheep it, Its giving and error filling missing (those file which were bend in the 2nd computer i.e desktop). Is there any addon to pack all or how to check if my all contains in my file are pack and final confirm. How can i upload my file to sheep it without giving error. Thanks

I have tried the addon Pack Blender to archive and when i click ok giving the below image error



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Joey Ferwerda (TheOnlyJoey) claimed this task.

Hello Atek,

Sad to hear you are having issues, though this is not probably not a bug.
For user issues please ask on a community like Blender Artists, they will be able to provide more in depth information.