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"Proxy/Timecode" check box on individual VSE video strips is ignored, and proxy is always used if present
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The "Proxy/Timecode" check box doesn't have any effect - if the preview pane is set to a proxy size and there are proxy files present, they are used.

Not a massive problem but annoying if you're using a low-quality proxy (to save space) but want to turn it off to see the original.

Fix incoming.

Versions affected:
2.78; master with hash: 69dbeec;

Steps to reproduce:

  1. Add a video strip to the VSE
  2. Tick the "Proxy/Timecode" box, set JPEG quality very low e.g. 20 (to make it easy to see the difference) click the "rebuild proxy" button to create the default 25% proxy AVI, let it finish
  3. Set preview to 25% proxy
  4. Seek around, observe that the proxy is used by seeing JPEG artifacts
  5. Untick the "Proxy/Timecode" box, seek around some more - proxy is still used

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Joey Ferwerda (TheOnlyJoey) triaged this task as Confirmed, Medium priority.

"Fix incoming." Are you patching this yourself?
Can confirm in any case!

Patch made, just have to twist the arm of one of the devs to commit it :o)

Can you build & test the fix? (D2504)

Richard Antalik (ISS) closed this task as Resolved.

Fixed in aa003c73245f