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Split Glossary
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This is for discussion on patch D2503 which splits the glossary into the following sections and subsections:

  • Blender Terms
    • Object
  • Color Theory
  • Computer Graphics
    • Animation
    • Texturing
    • Rendering
    • Film & imagery

For review:

  • Do we like this idea?
  • Is the categorization good/correct


Differential Revisions
D2503: Manual: Split glossary

Event Timeline

I notice that this and a few other documentation tasks are of type 'Bug', but shouldn't they be 'Design' when they are about discussing changes?

Sure although I does not really change anything

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) changed Type from Bug to Design.Feb 8 2017, 6:28 PM

I think/agree that the one page glossary reached it's limit and can't handle additional terms.

Conditions that the split works:

  • broad categories
  • (+)

About current state - there are major inconsistencies:

Blender specific are only ~4 things (modes, lattice, object, layers)
Blender specific is also CG
New category: Game
Many texturing (surface parametrization) terms actually belong to rendering, geometry
Mesh & topology doesn't belongs to math
Color theory also belongs to CG: computational color theory

The number of categories is a good target.
A method could be write a definition for every category to check everything fits.

I have created a new structure, any thoughts @Tobias Heinke (TobiasH)?

  • Blender Terms
  • Mathematics (any high-level math)
    • Geometry
  • Computer Graphics
    • Objects (Including meshes)
    • Texturing
    • Animation
    • Ray Trace Rendering
    • Color Theory
  • Game Design
    • Game Logic
    • Game Physics (maybe belongs in CG)
    • Game Rendering (Terms not related to ray trace rendering)