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My Blender software suddenly got real slow and unusable
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I'm running on Windows 10 and my graphics card is: Intel(R) HD Graphics 520

Broken on version Blender 2.78

What happened was lately, i was using blender and everything was smooth and things were fine, until seconds later my software suddenly got really slow, so i waited for a few days and went back to my computer to see if it works and when i did, nothing; it is still very slow, so slow that it may be 1 frame per 4 or 5 seconds. I have been looking for solutions all over the internet but there's no luck.

Thank you

This error or glitch just happened for no reason, all i can tell you is: I was using blender and everything was fine until minutes later, it got very very slow out of no where.



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So: what older Blender release then still works fine there?

If all older Blender versions also stopped working, it's something in your system that makes Blender fail. Fixing your system settings or drivers is out of the scope for this bug tracker. For help, please check

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