AMD 7870 2GB memory issue with GPU compute
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Win10, Crimson 17.2.1, AMD 7870 2GB, blender-2.78-f49e28b-win64

Steps taken:

  1. Render scene

  1. open Vieport shading Rendered
  2. Render scene again

I have tested with previous drivers. I haven't test split kernel branch.

OpenCL error occurs after I open Vieport shading Rendered . Also, I don't understand why 2GB GPU memory is not enough on second time to render a cube on 512*512 tile size. Before in 2.76 I didn't have similar issues. Why is 2GB memory insufficient ?

Also, I have noticed that Blender is waiting render kernels to load twice: first when rendering the scene, second when opening Vieport shading Rendered .


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I have same with R9 280X 3GB VRam

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I don't know if I should open new report for this but I can't render anything with GPU.

Instant crash whatever I render. Even default scene.

@Bastien Montagne (mont29) @Mai Lavelle (maiself)