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Cycles Bake Doesnt Work with OpenCL in GPU, Just black output window
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System Information
Win 10, Core i5 12gb ddr3, AMD Firepro W9100 16Gb GDDR5

Blender Version
All Blender versions tried for last 4-5 months, Even Master

Short description of error
The bake process appears to be doing something in the background, The bake commences as should, takes the amount of time needed to compile kernels, renders in the time you would expect from gpu but when complete the output is always Black, On very type of bake mode, Color, Complete etc etc

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Just try to render with opencl gpu for bake.

I can give the file which has a complex material on to help test, but i cant post it publicly. Just tried a new build from and basic baking now works, flat plane with just diffuse shader, but with my scene the only thing that bakes is AO



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Does the issue happen with only specific file? If so, we do need a file which demonstrates the issue. If it's from some current project you cant' share, you can always deform the geometry and replace textures with something else.

Also make sure you're using latest AMD drivers.

Thanks for looking at this Sergey,This is the scene when rendered normaly.:

It use generated texture cor-ords for lots of things like height selection and slope angles for faces to procedural texture, Noise textures, mixed with image maps too. The shader is quite complex and a bit of a mess right now.

But if i try to bake with cpu , Diffuse color, Combined etc etc it all works. Try to do the same with opencl GPU and only thing that does bake is AO.

Ill upload the scene file and all maps used to my web server and put in a password protected folder, ill add it to a .rar file ready to just open for you. Please though do not share the shader with people as is also part of the Terrain Packs ill be putting on sale soon and the shaders are half the work.

How should i send you the details where to download and password?

Cheers J

@James W E Bird (3dLuver), would really prefer publicly available file. Even if you send file or password to me, the actual bug might be in someone's else area. passing such a secret data is really annoying in this case. And it's not that hard to replace textures with color grids and distort geometry so your file will only be useful for troubleshooting.

Ok Ill try to cut the shader down not to give too much away, I remember when testing i removed the whole diffuse part of the material with just a single tex image to see if that helped it bake but still didn't work. So ill try to remove as much as possible to see if still breaks bake, then ill be able to just send an open file. Give me a couple hours.

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