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VSE: shouldn't generating proxy and waveforms be of low priority?
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When I'm generating proxies or waveform previews for movie strips in Video Sequence Editor, I can't really do any editing while that's being done.
I usually just start that work and leave the machine for a while so I can do my editing after it's completed, but usually I should be able to do some work even before the proxies and waveform previews are complete.

It's rarely the case however, because these jobs CPU starve the rest of Blender's functions.

Do you think it'd be wise to make them lower priority than the rest of Blender's processes so that the user can edit while these jobs are in progress (even if that would mean they will take a bit longer to complete)?

I would personally like such a thing. If proxies were calculated for movie clips in timeline order, I could edit the first clip when the rest has proxies generated, and I wouldn't have to wait until all of that finishes. That'd save me a lot of waiting.

What do you think?



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Thanks for the suggestion, but we do not accept feature requests or suggestions on this tracker (use forums or bf-funboard ML for that).

Also, VSE is known area that needs lots of love, we just need dev power for that. ;)