Texture Paint 'Bleed' is angled along UV edges
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System Information
Windows 10
Nvidia GTX 970

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78a and 2.78c (tested on both of these)

Short description of error
When using the texture paint section of Blender, if the 'Bleed' setting is set to anything above 0, you will see that when painting along an edge of a UV in the 3D Texture Paint mode, the bleed works fine from the first vertex, but is angled towards the next vertex, meaning the bleed isn't consistent at all.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Start with default cube
  2. For quicker purposes, smart UV unwrap the cube with a margin (the error is with any unwrap)
  3. Move into Texture Paint mode
  4. Create a paint slot image texture of any size.
  5. Change the options, bleed setting to anything above 0. To see the bug clearly, use a large number like 8px
  6. Begin drawing along an edge of the cube.
  7. View the UV and texture in the 'UV/image editor' and zoom in, you will see the painted bleed is angled, and fading back to 0px bleed towards the edges of the vertices.



I encountered the same problem, so I decided to add pictures

This is especially a problem when I need to paint around holes in UV.

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Please, as per the bug report guideline attach a file even if it's super simple.