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global undo auto-deactivation
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System Information
win7 64 16gb memory k2200

Blender Version
Broken: at lest from 2.7x series

Short description of error
I can't reproduce this bug, but sometimes, for no apparent reason the "global undo" got deactivated.
I noticed it during long session or with heavy scenes because options such as "align to view" doesn't work anymore.




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Hello please can you give me more details on that bug enclude the .blend file that shows you this bug?

and your System Information
win7 64 16gb memory k2200 i needs your graphic name video memory?

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There are some add-ons that mess around with the 'Global Undo' option. You can try if using Blender without any add-ons enabled works fine. However, we can't do anything without being able to recreate it.

There isn't any specific file that produce the problem. It is very random.


If you have the latest developer build, the system-info.txt will give the list of enabled add-ons.

You can do the search with some search tool (Agent Ransack, grep etc.) through the 2.7x/scripts/addons and addons_contrib folders and the Blender config folder (if you have add-ons in it) for the string use_global_undo and compare the results - if some of the Blender supported ones is causing the issue or some third party script is enabled.

Some add-ons/files that use the switch are mesh_looptools, mesh_bsurfaces, mesh_inset, rigify, add_mesh_solid etc.
Also make sure that you're using the latest version of the add-on in question.

More than a week passed without a reply.

Due to the tracker policy, archiving until the required additional information / data is provided.

If you found a reproducible case/cause for the undo behavior, feel free to reopen this task.