Blender 2.79 themes updates
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Hi this is the task for 2.79 themes, as many themes are outdated & there's been some complain, this task will handle the themes updates for blender 2.79.

Project advisors; @Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski) @Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) @Vuk Gardašević (lijenstina)

To start:
back to black theme: less contrast, more visibility whilst retaining the "true black" theme, fix empty object was near invisible, better colors for checkbox, less white in headers.
committed rB3505be836114e4c0675ffe4e6740be1838f71a39

24x_blues: I also modified the 2.4x theme which involved very small changes for a modern lighter theme.
This version has only small changes with dramatic impact, fixing tooltips & swapping out the brown tones for blue.
This is a new theme,

I have invited @Paweł Łyczkowski (plyczkowski) to include his Rtheme "new theme' & participate in the update process.