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Disable shading when creating projection for external image editor
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This patch disables viewport shading during creation of the image projection for external image editing, since the user almost certainly wants to just edit the existing texture.



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Think it would be better if this was added to the bpy.ops.paint.image_from_view operator (as an option which can be on by default).

Here is the revised patch, with the changes you suggested.

Note that my python properities (project_non_renderable, and project_shading)

col.prop(ipaint, "use_occlude")
col.prop(ipaint, "use_backface_culling")
col.prop(ipaint, "project_non_renderable")
col.prop(ipaint, "project_shading")

aren't showing up in the options toolbar and currently I'm a bit too tired to figure it out :)

Tom Musgrove (letterrip) closed this task as Resolved.Mar 8 2017, 9:01 AM

Closing since patches are preferred to be handled in 'differential'. Moved both patch versions to differential.