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Broken user interface in render result window when image size matches screen resolution
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System Information
Windows 10x64 Home Ru Version 1607 Build 14393.639 + latest autoupdates
NVIDIA GeForce GTX 970 with 378.66 NVIDIA drivers (latest)
Intel Core i7-4790K

Blender Version
Nightly 2.78 17689f8 x64
2.78c e92f235283 x64, x32
2.78b 3c04373 x64
2.78a e8299c8 x64
2.77a abf6f08 x64
2.76b 337fea x64
2.70a f93bc76 x64
2.61 r42615

Not found

Short description of error
Broken user interface (displaced and blinking) in render result window when image size matches screen resolution.
Bug appears after several renders by F12.

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error

  1. Set render display to "New window", image X and Y to screen resolution, scale to 100%
  2. Render by F12 and close render window by ESC several times, while status line in render window is visible
  3. When status line will become invisible - bug is found. If so, toolshelf (T), properties (N) windows and "Save image" interface (F3) would not work properly

Additional info
Bug is present:

  • in internal render
  • in cycles render CPU and GPU
  • on Windows 10x64 virtual machine (Oracle virtual box)
  • on Windows Home 7x64 (it's my previous system), but it appears infrequently. On Windows 10 it reproduced always.