Rotation in Maya presets broken
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Windows 7

Blender 2.78c

Using Maya presets, one cannot rotate an object other than in the z-axis. I've removed the "Constraint Axis" of "Z" in the "Tool Shelf" and it simply re-checks itself on, keeping the restriction/constraint. I have also changed the "Transformation Orientation" and does not help. And yes, I have already searched the internet by watching videos and looking up answers in forums, including,, and,, and no one has the answer though people have asked the same question and have run into the same exact problem.

Create default cube, press "E" to bring up rotation manipulator, attempt to rotate by grabbing "Y" (green) or "X" (red) line on manipulator, right-click drag on viewport, cube only rotates in z-axis.

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Could you provide more detailed information? I could not reproduce this bug here :\
I'm using windows 10

I'd be happy to provide you with any information I can. Did you change the presets to those of Maya? File > User Preferences > Input > Presets: > Maya, in both locations? Or simply changing the "Interaction" to "Maya" in the welcome pop-up window when one first opens Blender? The shortcut of pressing "w" to bring up the translation manipulator and the ability to move it around by moving the arrows in any axis works fine, but doing the same thing for rotation by pressing the shortcut "r" and trying to move the manipulator does not work. Hope this helps.

Yes, I did everything to reproduce the bug (I guess):

Would the slight differences of your version of Blender to mine make a difference? I see that yours is v2.78.4, but mine is v2.78c. I also don't have "Blender 2012 Expert" in my welcome window under "Interaction." Would being on a laptop be a problem? I am using a 3-button mouse. I have also attached my key configuration.

I have tested the keysConfiguration that you have sent, and it is working correctly as well.
Try changing the selection settings in the system tab of the user preferences. See if something changes.

(I also tested older versions here)

I changed the selection settings, but it didn't help. The translate and scale work fine, but rotate is still constrained to the z-axis. Even if I uncheck the constraint in the Tool Shelf, the constraint turns back on after I attempt to rotate it. Thanks for the help.

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Can you try with a build from I think a bug was fixed here recently?

Hi Aaron,

I downloaded and tried both "Windows 64 bit Official" and "Windows 64 bit Experimental Build Branch by VS 2015
(Windows Vista/7/8/10)" and neither worked. I tried the same process I initially listed to try and rotate the rig with the manipulator. Thanks for the update by-the-way.

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Can you try with factory settings? Below are also some things to try in case this is an OpenGL issue:

  • After upgrading graphics card drivers.
  • On a different system (with different hardware/drivers).
  • Using a Software OpenGL renderer...
    • On Linux, Official releases come with blender-softwaregl
    • On MS-Windows: Downloading 'opengl32.dll' from and copying it so its located in the same directory as 'blender.exe'

If this is a driver bug, or we can't link to this to an error in Blender's code, the report may be closed as a driver error,
so please help us determine whether this is a bug in Blender or not.

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Actually, I think I was able to confirm, but for me, all the rotations worked however, I did not get a visual cue on all except the X axis.

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Really can't recreate this here. The first thing to try would be using factory settings and changing to Maya preset afterwards.

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