Collada Import messes up animations since 2.78
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System Information

Windows 7 64, RX 480

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78 to 2.78c
Worked: 2.77 and before

Short description of error
When exporting the imported collada animation to fbx for a third party application like unreal engine 4 bone transforms will be messed up.
This is not related to the FBX export, only happens when the Animation was imported as collada with 2.78

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Import the attached dae file, check "Auto connect" during Import. Export it as fbx. this fbx is bad.
The attached fbx file is the dae file imported with 2.77 and exported as fbx. this fbx is good.
I hope comparing the bad and the good fbx will show the problem, as inside blender both appear fine, but some bone transforms are different which causes issues with the bad fbx when applied to a skinned mesh.


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Could you please check if this problem also happens with the daily builds? I have fixed an Importer Bug some days ago. I suspect that my recent fix also fixes this issue here.

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Well more than a week without reply. Closing due to the policy of the bug tracker.

Will be reopen when requested information is provided.