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SmartF easy fast tool for making faces Blender 2.8
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Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) triaged this task as Normal priority.Mar 28 2017, 1:08 PM

hi, noted, need to test, is there any user feedback?
I could add this into mesh extra tools, let me know.

Of course, need tests on real work. Nobody knows about it, where is i can get feedback? Need more time for that.

Mesh extra tools? OK, please add it.

hi, tested & it seems ok, not really suited to mesh extra tools.
looks like the only possible way is to merge with f2 addon & offer bool in addons preferences to choose the method the user requires.
this would be a good function if you can do,
Some hint that: in Booltools we have a checkbox in addons preferences to choose between boolean solvers.
I think this is only & most appropriate way to get this committed.

Hi, maybe i not understand you, but why F2 and SmartF need to merge? F2 and SmartF is standalone and need only for one function - make faces. And SmartF do it much better - for my opinion of course. But maybe you show me what is unique function in F2 wich need to merge?

@Duyun Ivan (DIV) people are used to f2 & it's behavior, I see changing the defaults in your addon can emulate f2 in many ways, but there's corner cases your addon may fail with.
That aside for now, what I would like to see is a checkbox in your panel to use standard F2 addon or to use your new functionality, with the default being the current f2 addon.
that way established users can use what they know & when they run into trouble can switch to yours & same in return. (I found where one fails the other may pick up the slack sometimes.)
I would also clean up the ui a little.
I find the addon is useful & provides new methods for face creation, if your happy to make the requested changes, I can make the update & accept the addon.

just to follow up quickly, SmartF uses F key, so does F2 addon, In my tests the addons worked different & I found where 1 fails the other may succeed.
as they play well together, they could be merged to have the best of both worlds, an alternative to this would be another key other than "F".
I think a merge to extend the functions of F2 with SmartF would be the best answer.

Hello friends, hello Brendon. If people use f2 that is their choise, just continue. I can not include any references in my addon on another addons, that is bad idea, because i can`t get responsibilities for these addons. What if tomorrow someone write new addon BestF - he must include checkboxes for F2 and SmartF and so on? If you don`t like SmartF or F2 or F122 or something else, just press ctrl+alt+U - and make your choise - it`s your freedom.

And F key - it`s not F2 key, it`s Blender default key for makeing face and edge. Only this reason is for using F-key in SmartF. And no matter what F2 use or some another addon(if they use F), because you can not use it in same time.

hi @Duyun Ivan (DIV)
I've tested the addon a couple of times & it's very good, I'm just trying to help sort out a couple of issues so we can add to blender.
hotkeys should not be same as other addons, so I'm trying to solve that by saying merge in f2 addon into yours.
In my tests your method of quad face creation removed a click & was very nice. however, it did create some doubles & fail changing face order & direction sometimes.
In the same tests I was switching between the f2 addon & your addon & found whilst yours was faster with more control in some cases, in other cases f2 addon correctly created faces where your addon did not.
this is why i say to merge in with f2 addon or better as it's less code, merge f2 addon into yours or use some of it's functions so we can have your fast face creation & options with the same results as the current f2 addon.
I see this as a good way to get this addon into blender 2.79 but we have very little time to do this.
If your addon does what the current f2 addon does & more, we can use your addon as an update & replacement for the f2 addon.
Your addon is really nice & we would like to see you develop it in Blender. I hope you understand I'm only trying here for a positive outcome.

Thank for you response. SmartF used point of "Eye View"(point in yours screen) and make face nearest to that point. You must rotate and move camera to control it. And another control is mouse cursor for decision in which direction make face. Offen when you try to make face and can not - it seems like addon fails, but really - it`s bad verts. To check this you need move vert, in this case F2 not fail, because it have not angle/area controls, and it create new fouth vert. If you need this behaviour, just switch off angle control and area control in SmartF and choose square. In triangle mode SmarF don`t create new vert. Anyway, I think it`s not good, but if you wish i can make checkbox in SmarF panel like "Switch to F2" and copy/paste F2 code in function under SmartF. OK, I will send new code for you soon.

@Duyun Ivan (DIV)
Please when you upload the new version, can use some pep8 style checker like flake8?
Some basic style guide for Blender inclusion:
4 spaces indentation, 2 lines skipped between different functions/classes blocks, spaces around operators, no spaces between equals in parameters assignment, lines must be max 120 chars long.


Hello everybody. Here is new version with F2 support. Vuk you absolutely rigth, but i don`t have time for this at this moment. Maybe after few days. (where is pyfmt like gofmt :( ).

hi, could add this to contrib shortly, would need the pep8 clean up first

Hello. SmartF with pep8 standart.

hi, sorry for delays, will add to contrib shortly and work from there as future replacement for f2 addon
have you tested this in 2.79 and nightly builds?

Hi. Yes, I am tested it in 2.79 - all work fine.

Just found this amazing tool while searching for F2 alternatives.
But it lacked a port to 2.80, so i did it.

I tried to test every feature, but maybe i missed something.
Let me know if there's anything wrong.

Made some changes to F2 code so it's the same as official.
Moved the addon panel to the right menu with it's own tab.
Minor corrections on descriptions and comments.

Updated F2 addon included in SmartF with latest changes.

Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto) renamed this task from SmartF easy and fast tool for making faces to SmartF easy fast tool for making faces Blender 2.8.Feb 15 2019, 1:59 AM

Updated addon to work with latest API changes.

Thank you. I'll find time to test. Are you prepared to maintain this long term?