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Magic UV ( addons contrib: Promote: 2.79 release
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hi, this is the task for @Nutti (Nutti) to commit his Magic UV addon to addons release.
A longer term addons_contrib addon with an active developer is suitable for 2.79 release.



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Thanks for creating task.

At first, I'll make a release note.
Should I request a review for my add-on?
Magic UV does not review recently.

I'm newbie about release repository, so I didn't understand well difference between contrib and release.


@Nutti (Nutti) based on user feedback, the fact you are a current active dev & your known addon has spent far too long in addons contrib, makes it fit with the scope of the Final 2.7x addons series release.
yes release note & docs are needed.
review process is fast tracked atm for this addon. make sure it behaves well, is nice code standard & there's no problem. we will do any mandatory clean up once committed.
There's no real difference between committing to contrib or release addons other than they are different repo address.
Please commit final version to contrib & if possible drop into irc freenode #blenderpython, prior to committing to release or if you have any issue.
I'll revisit this in 2 days as the cut off point for new addons for 2.79 is in 3 days.
Thanks for participating :)

@Brendon Murphy (meta-androcto)

It's very helpful instruction, thank you!
I'll tackle the task for release.

So, I have one question about after releasing 2.79.
I heard 2.8x Python API will be changed drastically.
How to proceed for 2.8x about this add-on.
(If there is no problem, I would like to continue maintain this add-on.)

hi, really need a wiki page for this, release note is great, but need wiki page to link docs in addon.
Simple wiki page with links to your docs is fine


i committed final version for Blender 2.79 release.

i will tackle to make wiki page.


hi, yes that will be fine. thanks.
Are you happy to commit yourself now?
Also note to make sure you git pull --rebase your local addons repo as there's lots of very recent changes to addons release.
Great to have you onboard.
feel free to drop into irc freenode #blenderpython if you have any issues

OK, i committed to add-on release repos.

If you have problem, please tell me.


Removed addon from contrib addons.
Closing as resolved.