Addons Contrib: Cleanup: 2.79 Contrib pack
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hi, this is the task to clean up & remove addons from addons contrib that are unmaintained or badly broken.

There will also be some new activity in addons contrib:

  • all broken & long term unmaintained addons will be removed
  • addons from addons contrib with specific merit & function will have opportunity to move to 2.79 release, with the understanding that they are not guaranteed longer term position in 2.8
  • valid addons from the Addons patch tracker will have an opportunity to repopulate addons contrib

2.79 Addons Contrib Packs

To mark the end of the 2.7x I will be making a user contrib addons pack with the folder addons pre zipped, ready to un zip & choose which addons to install.
The "Contrib Pack" will represent the addons of merit not included in 2.79 release & also longer term useful tracker addons that will be in contrib soon.

After 2.79 release, further tasks relating to addons in 2.8 will be necessary to redesign the current system, to fit in with a more modern 2.8x