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Blender cannot startet in Windows 10 Creators Upgrade: 1703
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System Information
Windows 10 ( Home Edition) Creators Upgrade: 1703
Betriebssystembuild: 15063.138 from 12.April 17
Intel Quad Core i5 750 @ 2.67 GHz
Motherboard: MS-7616 by MEDION
installed RAM: 16 GB
Graphics: Nvidia Geforce GTX 1050 Ti, 4 GB GDDR5

Blender Version
Broken: 2.78b and 2.78c cannot startet with Windows 10 Creators Upgrade: 1703
testet by Betriebssystembuild: 15063.13 and 15063.138

Worked: (optional)
2.78b under Redstone 1607 by Betriebssystembuild: 14393.693

Short description of error

last Sunday (9th April) I installed the (until then) most recent Version Blender No. 2.78c.

The following Problem occurs now:
When starting your Blender program, the following message pops up on the ''black Window'' (black Screen): ''AL Lib: (EE) UpdateDeviceParams: Failed to set 44100hz, got 48000hz instead.''

the Text occurs at Version 2.78b and 2.78c with .msi and .zip file !!! What is the Problem ?

There was no Problem installing These two programs; but opening the programs is impossible: each time the opening files.

There was no trouble opening 2.78b with Windows 10 Version 1607 was installed my Desktop PC.

If possible, could you please send your Reply in German. ( )

Many thanks

Exact steps for others to reproduce the error
Based on a (as simple as possible) attached .blend file with minimum amount of steps



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  • Give us your exact Blender, OS and GPU (including drivers) versions, as requested in the template!
  • Ensure both your OS and drivers are fully up-to-date (and use official GPU drivers, not those provided by windows or tablet/laptop maker).
  • Try to disable any running antivirus.
  • Ensure you have no python executable available in your %path% envvar.
  • Try to re-download and re-install Blender.
  • Try the latest build from our buildbot.
  • Try to start Blender in factory settings (--factory-startup commandline option) (this will ensure whether this is a userpref or addon issue or not).
  • Try to tweak your GPU driver settings (e.g. try different values between 'performance' and 'quality' if you have such slider, etc.).
  • Launch Blender from the command line with -d option and attach as text file here any error printed out in the console (do not paste it directly in comment).
  • Try to place this dll next to your blender.exe (software OGL, will be slow, but will show whether this is a driver issue or not).

Concerning the warning in the console - it is harmless and it comes from the Audaspace library.
To make it not show anymore (a notice for the future, when the current problem with blender launch is solved) go to File > User Preferences > System. Find the Sound label on the left and under it the` Sample Rate` drop down menu. In your case, pick 48 kHz and press the Save User Settings button at the bottom.

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we will have to archive the report until the requested information is given.