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Border zoom patch
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Requested (twice) at the Blender Conference was a "Border Zoom" function where you could draw a box and the viewpoint would zoom in on that section.

This is my first patch on the Blender source, and my first real C programming, so please check to make sure I haven't made any obvious mistakes! It seems to work well though.

The shortcut is shift+B, note that in camera mode this is reserved for Render Border. The patch moves an if statement out of Render Border and into the main shortcut tree. I've attached an additional patch which puts a shortcut into the menu buttons (which is only visible in non-camera mode).

Note to Kent Mein: I've fixed the bug I mentioned to you at the conference.

If this patch looks good, I can implement the same function into the 2d windows (it should be easy, right? ;) )