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Support Alembic export/import of curve objects
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I created this issue as requested here.

While the export of animated mesh objects works quite well, exporting and importing curve objects does not work as expected at the moment.

When exporting curves there are two main options:

  • Export as curve
  • Export as mesh

Both of these are very useful. Depending on the specific setup it might not be useful to export a curve as curve but rather as mesh. Being able to export as mesh should always be an option.

I created a little test file that includes a curve object with multiple animated properties and modifiers:

Some modifiers implicitly convert the curve into a mesh, so when the user wants to export as a curve, it should (if possible) evaluate all modifiers until the curve is converted. If it is not possible to apply only some modifiers, it should still be possible to only export the curve before any modifier is applied (next to the option to export the whole thing as a mesh).

Also, keep in mind:

  • Curves can consist of multiple splines.
  • The amount of splines per curve object can change over time.
  • The amount of points in a spline can change over time.
  • Curves and spline points have quite properties have quite a few attributes that need to be considered when exporting as curve (bevel radius, ...).

If I had to choose what to develop first, mesh or curve export of curve objects, I'd vote for mesh, as it allows for more flexibility. Additionally I imagine it to be easier to develop.


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