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AlembicObjectPath has a fixed-size char[]
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AlembicObjectPath (see DNA_cachefile_types.h) has a fixed-size char[] buffer.

if the object path can be arbitrarily large it's gonna be a matter of time before someone comes with a file with 4097 byte object path, why not just allocate the ram you need?

I think that's a good idea, and that's what this task is for.

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Doesn't belong in the bug tracker I think, so changed type. Not sure paths longer than 4096 are supported by any commonly used OS even.

it's an internal path inside an alembic file, we should not impose any OS related restrictions to that in the first place?

I agree such hardcoded limits are not helpful, just saying that this might not actually affect anyone in practice. Mainly it's a waste of memory usage.

The "object path" is not a filesystem path, so it isn't affected by OS related restrictions. This is something we should address at some point, even though in practice I have yet to see Alembic files with such long "object paths" in them.