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Remove gif images
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.gif images should be removed from the manual. This can be done in several ways, adding more explaining text, create a video, create multiple images.


Do not use animated .gif files, these are hard to maintain, can be distracting and are usually large in file size. If a video is needed, use YouTube or Vimeo (see Videos below).

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Is this meant to be tagged as a bug?

I do not think it really matters but I would say it is a bug as it causes issues with pdf generation.

The correct tagging of information allows said information to be accurately searched, which from a user perspective is important to be able to find existing bugs to prevent reporting duplicates. Personally, I would also think it's important from a developer perspective to make sure the ever important bug list is not populated with things which aren't bugs, but then I'm not a developer. I'd say this sounds more like a task, but if you're saying it's a bug, fair enough.

Can anyone convert rendered image sequence to video and upload to youtube?
To replace this gif file:

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