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OIIO: Undeclared Reference OpenImageIO?
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System Information
Debian 8.0

Blender Version

Short description of error
Using a trunk of OIIO I began getting namespace errors on line 216 of the OIIO compatibility file in OpenImageIO::geterror(). I believe there were some declarations changed recently in OIIO related to namespaces that may have triggered this.

Removing the scope OpenImageIO:: solved it. Perhaps there are namespace issues at work?



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From the report bug guidelines:

**What not to report here**
- Compile or build issues, ask on #blendercoders or mail bf-committers

At the meantime committed tweak to the sources which should fix this particular problem.

Note that only OIIO 1.7.13 is officially supported. Going to a newer OIIO/OSL version is not possible by the current Blender's supported platforms.