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Hi, Blendify.

I want to join the translation group for translating blender and its docs into Chinese (Simplified), so I create this task.
I noticed that the translation of Chinese (Simplified) is imperfect. So, I want to translate blender and its docs into Chinese (Simplified).



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YeHaike (YeHaike) created this object with edit policy "YeHaike (YeHaike)".

@YeHaike (YeHaike) Please note that translating Blender itself and translating its documentation are rather different processes. Will let documentation to @Aaron Carlisle (Blendify).

For Blender UI translation, please look at Translations main page and links there. I’ll add you to the team if you want.

@YeHaike (YeHaike) I added you to the documentation project so you now have commit access to both the English and translation repositories. The credentials are kept in sync with whatever you used on this site.

@YeHaike (YeHaike) There is an Manual Translation Team in Blendercn community, Would you like to join us? If the answer is yes, please join QQ group 620831153.

Aaron Carlisle (Blendify) closed this task as Resolved.May 23 2017, 9:35 PM

I am going to close this just so that it does not show up on my todo list but feel free to still use it as a line of communication. I have seen that you have been on IRC a couple of times but I have always been away/sleeping.